Race Results – 2012/2013

My friend Jenn over at RunninMyMouth.com and I run a LOT of races together every year. I’m not an especially good runner, or a fast runner, but I do it anyway. Here I will update my results each time I complete a run. You can see an up-to-date list of my upcoming runs off to the right in the sidebar.

Our race calendars start in the fall and end in the summer. Race events are displayed in descending order.

3/23/13 – The Neon Run

Unfortunately, the Neon Run was neither a chip-timed race, nor actually the 5k it was advertised to be. However, I did track the distance and time myself and I did pretty spectacular. I might also add the I RAN.STRAIGHT.THROUGH. Never have I completed a run, start to finish, without taking a walking break. Until today.

Distance: 3.56 miles
Time: 0:40:00
Min/Mile: 11:23

3/9/13 – Survivor Mud Run

This mud run ended up being way muddier than the event organizers intended, which slowed everything down. It’s hard to run when your legs are trying to go in two different directions! Needless to say, it was far from my best time.

Distance: 3.17 miles
Time: 1:07:43
Min/Mile: 19:31

2/24/13 – Petco 5k9

My time for this 5k was less than stellar, but the running path was very congested right out the gate this time around, and when you are running with dogs, especially cute dogs with tiny legs, they set the pace!

Distance: 5k (3.12 miles)
Time: 0:49:00
Min/Mile: 15:47

1/7/13 – PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (Half)

Even though we did less training for our 2013 half marathon, we managed to improve our time by a few minutes. I’m sure not injuring my knee/IT band at mile 4 had a lot to do with it. Maybe if I hadn’t chafed so horribly the time would have been even better.

Distance: 13.1 miles (half marathon)
Time: 03:06:12
Min/Mile: 14:13

11/10/12 – Phoenix Sister Cities 5k

We participated in this charity run as part of the wellness initiative at work, but it was a nice run! It took place near this cool SRP water station and had us running alongside the canal. It was chilly, but there was a nice balance of sun and shade. Plus, since I prefer to run on packed dirt paths, it was the perfect setting. my time wasn’t great, but who cares?!

Distance: 5k (3.12 miles)
Time: 0:39:28
Min/Mile: 12:43

10/20/12 – Zombie Buffet 5k

Sadly, I dunno what the results were for this. It wasn’t chip timed, and we didn’t run with iPods or anything to time it ourselves. But, I wanted to include it since we did run it! If I had to guess, it was close to an hour for this one. Running in the midday sun in October in Arizona with no shade is a BAD idea. Plus they didn’t have much water. So, we were pretty slow.

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