Race Results – 2010/2011

My friend Jenn over at RunninMyMouth.com and I run a LOT of races together every year. I’m not an especially good runner, or a fast runner, but I do it anyway. Here I will update my results each time I complete a run. You can see an up-to-date list of my upcoming runs off to the right in the sidebar.

Our race calendars start in the fall and end in the summer. Race events are displayed in descending order.

3/12/11 – Kiss Me I’m Irish!

This was our first year running this one. It was all the way up in North Phoenix but the park they did it in was really nice. I would drive all the way up there again if there was a good run to do there. I felt good for most of the run and really tried to push it with the run-walk-run. Toward the end though, my knee wanting nothing to do with it. Oh well, the pace wasn’t terrible!

Distance: 8k
Time: 1:00:11
Min/Mile: 12:06

1/9/11 – Resolution Run

It was really chilly starting this run, especially with shorts on, but only a few minutes in I had my sleeves rolled up! This one took place in Papago Park which was a really neat place to run. It was a bit sidewalk-y, which is really hard on my knees, but I’m glad we did it. It was a great way to kick off the new year. Plus we got some neat shirts that had heat sensitive logos.

Distance: 5k (3.12 miles)
Time: 0:37:14
Min/Mile: 11:59

12/18/10 – Lifetime Fitness Reindeer Run 5k

This run at Tempe Town Lake wasn’t chip timed (really, Lifetime Fitness? You couldn’t spring for the chip timing?) but it was still fun and we met the cutest papillon-corgi mix dog I have ever seen, so it wasn’t all bad. Also, it was seriously freezing – why do I keep wearing shorts to these things?

12/11/10 – 12ks of Christmas

We ran the 6k on this one and it was in a nice park in Gilbert. Another area I’d run again. There were kids playing and singing music along the way as well as some local bands. It’s fun getting cheered on while you push yourself. As per usual, knee gave out about half way and I spent a good part of the run running with my right leg stick-straight. We also had to stop for traffic at one point, which for a timed run, was pretty lame. The only thing I didn’t like about this one was no t-shirt. All we got was a santa hat.

Distance: 6k
Time: 0:49:36
Min/Mile: 13:18

11/14/10 – Aflac Iron Girl

I was so proud of myself on this run. Jenn and I kept pace together, which we hardly ever do because she is a faster runner than I am. We actually ran the first 4k of the run without stopping once. How exhilarating! But my knee gave out at that point and I limped it in the final kilometer. Still one of my better runs.

Distance: 5k
Time: 0:37:12
Min/Mile:  11:58

10/2/10 – Das Foot Race

Oh my Arizona. You would hope that come October it would be cooling down, but that is rarely the case in AZ. This run was HOT. SO HOT. In fact, we almost got beat by a much older runner than us. He was our motivation to really push it though the end. Then we saw some people telling us it wasn’t far to the finish line – but it was still about half a mile. Bastards.

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 1:06:04
Min/Mile:  13:12

11/14/09 – Panicky Poultry

Since we only ran a few runs in 2009, I will include this one here. Z and I got up at the ass-crack of dawn for this run after going to bed way too late after a night of imbibing. It was cold and rainy and we were exhausted. And we still made good time on only the second ever run I had ever done, with no training. Woot!

Distance: 5k (3.12 miles)
Time: 0:36:26
Min/Mile: 11:43

10/31/09 – Ghosts & Goblins Run 5k

This was our first taste of running at Kiwanis Park in Tempe – heck for that matter, it was our first taste of running! The path took you around the canal on my now-favorite path type, packed dirt. It wasn’t a timed run, and I can’t recall this many years later how we did, but I know I had a good time. Cuz otherwise I wouldn’t have run all the runs I’ve done since then!


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